My go to pasta sauce for a good few years now has been watercress and walnut pesto! Great over gnocchi, spaghetti, linguini, on a sandwich, in a soup...you name it. And once you've got the method down your dinner's ready in 15 minutes. If you've never tried it then I urge you to try


Ingredients -

100g Bag of Watercress

60g Walnuts

50g Grated Fresh Parmesan

1 Clove Garlic

3 tbsp Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste


Method -

If using a pestle and mortar: pound the Watercress, Walnuts and Garlic to a paste and then add the grated parmesan and olive oil Season to taste.

If using a blender: blend Watercress, Walnuts and Garlic to a paste then add grated parmesan and olive oil. Season to taste.

I love it specifically on gnocchi with a few walnuts sprinkled on top or (as above) with spaghetti, an egg yolk and a bit more parmesan to top

Let me know how you do!